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Design for payment

  • Contactless


  • Security


  • UPM


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    Color display

  • rugged


  • signature capture

    Signature capture

  • Smartcard


  • Magstripe


  • Expand payment options with both traditional and alternative payments
  • Integrate easily into any environment
  • Create a future-ready terminal from a choice of modules
  • Increase payment security with this PCI PTS 5.x certified device

Future-proof payment security

PCI PTS 5.x certified, the Lane/3000 is natively designed to meet local regulations and ensure long-term compliance. It uses the latest cryptographic schemes with future-proofed encryption. And additional anti-theft systems, such as cable removal detection and Kensington locks, offer further protection.

Support for all payment options

The Lane/3000 supports EMV chip & PIN, EMV chip & sign, and magstripe transactions, as well as the broadest range of contactless NFC, mobile wallet, and alternative payment methods.

Easy integration

Compact by design and robust, the Lane/3000 is easily integrated into any environment.

Lower total cost of ownership

Automatic and remote diagnostics, as well as preventive maintenance capabilities, reduce the total cost of ownership and protect your hardware investment.

Industry-proven and reliable technology

Backed by 30 years of development experience, the Telium TETRA operating system is the perfect combination of payment expertise and web-based design creativity. It offers powerful security mechanisms to protect transaction data while enabling fast checkout.

Product Information

Lane/3000 / Datasheets

Designed for retailers, the Lane/3000 is a fast and secure POS solution optimizing multilane check-out, while covering all payment methods.