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Mobile point of sale solutions

“Point of sale” is no longer limited to the checkout aisle at the front of a brick-and-mortar store. In today’s global marketplace, consumers are using mobile technologies to browse, book and buy, and they expect merchants to meet them with the same technologies. 

Whether accepting electronic payments in the store aisle, at a pop-up store, home delivery, taxi or onboard an airplane, merchants equipped with the latest Ingenico payment solutions will satisfy today’s mobile consumers and ensure that they come back for more. At the same time they will reduce costs and improve the efficiency of their businesses.

Ingenico is the global reference in mobile acceptance, allowing worldwide commerce to benefit from a combination of mobility, payment and business processing across all sales channels.

Mobile Smart Terminals

Mobile point of sale devices provide retailers with more competitive solutions to address ever-changing consumer payment needs. Payment flexibility demands mobile and wireless options using the most advanced technology. With Ingenico's mobile solutions, which all run on the same Telium 2 platform, you'll never again be restricted by where, how or when you accept payments.

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mPOS Platform

mPOS White Label Platform

The mCommerce platform provides all of the hardware, applications, tools and services companies need to enhance customer experience, improve business efficiencies and create new revenue opportunities. Powered by our robust mobile payments engine, the mCommerce platform is the first enterprise-ready mobile commerce solution designed to support global mPOS deployments for businesses across vertical markets.

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