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The transportation industry continues to face increasing competition and unprecedented demand. Passengers look to pay the lowest possible price, while expecting a more personalized and convenient experience than ever before. More and more travelers expect payment to be cashless, hassle-free and transparently integrated into their journey.

By partnering with Ingenico, transportation operators can turn what were once considered roadblocks into unique business opportunities. From airlines and taxis, to online travel agencies and public transportation operators, and everything in between, we help the world’s leading transportation businesses streamline operations, create new sales opportunities, and connect with the next generation of consumers.

Our innovative payment solutions integrate electronic payment with business processes such as booking, ticketing and travelling programs, enabling businesses to enhance the travel experience by offering passengers a secure, fast, and seamless way to pay. We allow operators to accept non-cash payments from travel agencies, ticketing kiosks, the web or via mobile sales. For businesses with a global online footprint, our collecting services can act as a hub, accepting payment from anywhere in the world and reducing the complexity of cross-border payment.

Meet the increasing demands of today’s travelers

  • Provide a secure and convenient way to collect cashless payments for fares     
  • Accept all payment methods – credit, debit, mobile wallets, and digital currency
  • Enhance passengers’ on-board experience with acceptance of secure, on-the-spot card payments 
  • Unlock new revenue opportunities with on-board sales (food and beverage, duty-free, entertainment), reservations, and ticketing
  • Improve operational efficiency with streamlined processes 
  • Speed up check-in/check-out lines
  • Leverage payment acceptance devices with full wireless connectivity (GPRS, 3G, Bluetooth…) and compatibility with all leading mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows) 
  • Integrate with ticketing systems (1D / 2D barcode reader, reading of transit cards)
  • Enlarge your footprint with our global online cross-border collect solution 
  • Offer the highest security in the industry with our PCI-certified solutions
  • Reduce cost and complexity of maintaining compliance with industry standards and regulations
  • Gain a competitive advantage by partnering with the market leader in FinTech innovation 
Ingenico Group travel & transportation solutions

Give your passengers a smoother journey with our multi-channel payment solutions:

  • Provide innovative and secure point of sale solutions with our Smart Terminals.
  • Create a seamless experience for your customers with our Mobile Solutions.
  • Learn how our solutions work with Connected Screens.
  • Protect your payment technology with our Security Solutions.