Axium series

Introducing a new range of Android devices to meet a variety of needs from small merchants to the largest retail environments. The combination of the Android operating system and a high-definition screen creates a user-friendly interface, while the extended memory and Android 10 enables the most recent business apps. A long-lasting battery, multi-connectivity and compact shape make them suitable for any mobile business cases, and they are designed to accept all payment methods, including QR code and barcode scanning.

AXIUM DX8000Build on the power of Android 10 platform with Ingenico’s Services

Powered by Android 10, AXIUM DX8000 is the payment device that provides the best-in-class buying experience, while optimising performance and security.

AXIUM EX8000Flexible mobile payment and commerce solution for your business

The AXIUM EX8000 is the perfect answer for retailers who want to extend the digital payment experience throughout the entire point of sale